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From flashlights and wall clocks to remote controls and handheld games, AA batteries are one of the most popular and commonly used battery styles. When you choose a battery, you're looking for one that's powerful and long-lasting as well as a great value. At CVS, you'll find a large assortment of AA batteries. Sort and search them by brand name, price, and more to find the perfect batteries that will fulfill your power needs.

AA Battery Voltage

Double-A, or AA batteries, are referred to as standard alkaline batteries. This style of battery provides you with a total of 1.5 volts per unit. The battery creates a continuous direct-current flow of energy to power whatever device it is you are using. Each year, American consumers purchase billions of batteries, and the AA style is one of the most common and often-used formats. These compact batteries work in a range of items like your TV remote, children's toys, clocks, and many more.

How Long Do AA Batteries Last?

Most AA batteries last a fairly long time, but there are ways that you can easily extend their life to make them last even longer. Don't keep batteries stored in items you rarely use like remote control cars or other toys. Only install them in the unit when it's playtime. As a battery sits inside a device, its power begins to slowly drain, resulting in a much shorter lifespan. When not in use, store your AA batteries in a cool, dry place like a utility drawer or closet. Generally, room temperature works best. Most AA batteries can retain a majority of their power for anywhere from three to seven years while in storage.

Double A Batteries

While your typical remote might only require two AA batteries, there are probably many other items in your household that also need them. Consider purchasing a multi-pack of AA batteries so you get more for your money. You can usually buy batteries in packs of two all the way up to a dozen or more. Check all of the devices in your home and see if they're working properly, and then tally up just how many new batteries you'll need to buy. CVS offers a wide assortment of AA battery packs to suit your current needs, so be sure to shop our selection to find the right brand and quantity for you.

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