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AAA Batteries

With so many electronic products available today, it's no surprise that there is a wide array of battery styles required for an assortment of uses. AAA batteries are a popular choice that can often be found in items like remote controls, toys, and clocks. Similar in shape to an AA battery, this slightly smaller version still produces a lot of reliable power. If you're looking for AAA batteries to power up your devices, browse and sort the selection at CVS by price, brand name, and more to find the right batteries for your needs.

Rechargeable AAA Batteries

You'll find rechargeable AAA batteries that will provide you with longer operation life along with potentially significant money savings. The rechargeable version should work in the same items that you use traditional batteries in, however, they can be revived using a charger so you can reuse them again and again. Just be aware that you should never place regular batteries inside a wall charger, as this can create a serious safety risk. Use your rechargeable AAA batteries to power MP3 devices, some models of digital cameras, wireless controllers, and many other items.

AAA Battery Voltage

Most standard AAA batteries are called alkaline batteries and contain 1.5 volts of power. There are lithium versions of the same battery that will typically last longer than their traditional alkaline counterparts. No matter which type you choose, they are both considered the same battery style and can be interchangeable in your devices that need AAA batteries. Each type is dependable and long-lasting to power a wide range of goods. Keep several packs of AAA batteries stocked for things like flashlights and radios in the event of an emergency.

How Long Do AAA Batteries Last?

Like many batteries, AAA batteries can pose a fire risk if they're not stored correctly. It's always advised that you keep batteries in their original package until you're ready to use them. If you already have an opened package, keep them in a plastic container far away from any kind of metal. Batteries that come into contact with metal can create a spark, resulting in a fire or explosion. Always store your batteries in a cool, dark place at room temperature when possible. This will not only keep the batteries safe, but it should also extend the life of the battery and help it retain its power for a long time to come.

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