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C Batteries & C Cell Batteries

From flashlights to toys, C batteries have long been one of the most commonly used battery types. These slightly larger batteries have been in use since the 1950s and are still sold to many consumers today. At CVS, you'll discover a wide range of C battery brands and package quantities. Not sure what you need? Simply search the site and sort C cell batteries by price, quantity, and customer review so you can choose the perfect batteries for your power needs.

How C Batteries Work

While simple in physical structure, batteries actually have a fascinating method of operating. All C batteries are considered alkaline batteries, so they contain chemicals stored inside a protective housing. When the metal external contact touches your device, a chemical reaction begins. This reaction begins to power the device as the cathode of the item reacts to the contents of the battery, resulting in electricity production. Once this happens, your device begins to work so you can enjoy its many benefits.

Components of a C Cell Battery

The external housing of C batteries is called the container, usually made of steel. Inside the battery is a cathode mix containing fine powders of manganese dioxide and conductors that carry an electrical charge. A paper separator is inside, keeping the cathode from touching the anode. A part called the collector forms the negative current collector and is inserted into the battery, sealed, and capped so you can safely insert it into the device of your choice. When it comes to C batteries, large flashlights, camping lanterns, and heavy-duty toys are the most popular items that require this type of battery.

Rechargeable C Batteries

An alternative to traditional alkaline C batteries is rechargeable versions that can typically be reused hundreds of time. Using a wall charger, these batteries are simple to use and can extend battery life as well as save you money in the long run. Try rechargeable C batteries if you have an item that you use frequently and think you'll need to purchase replacements on a regular basis. Both efficient and highly cost-effective, rechargeable C batteries are an excellent investment for anyone who expects to use this type of battery on a regular basis. It's still important to check with your local recycling center to ensure that these types of batteries will be disposed of in a safe manner once their life runs out.

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