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If you use a hearing aid, it's important that the batteries are fresh and in working order. With so many different types of hearing aids available on the market today, choosing the right hearing aid batteries is paramount. If you're new to using hearing aids, this handy guide can help you determine which batteries you'll need so that you can hear clearly and enjoy a better quality of life.

Hearing Aid Battery Basics

You will find heqring aid batteries in five different sizes, and each one depends on your particular style and size of hearing aids. You can find this information by looking at the packaging, which features color and numbered coding. These colors include red, yellow, orange, brown, and blue as well as a matching color-coded tab one the back of the battery. You can find these batteries at places like CVS and other general merchandise stores. Hearing aid batteries are known as zinc-air batteries, which means they are activated by the oxygen in the air. The sticker must be removed from the back in order for the battery to work.

How Long Do Hearing Aid Batteries Last?

How long your hearing aid batteries last will depend on the style of hearing aid you use. Some makes and models may require more power in order to function at their proper level. Digital hearing aids use high-tech circuits that deliver natural sounds in a variety of environments, which means they require a lot more power to operate than a traditional analog hearing aid. For the most part, your batteries should last anywhere from five to seven days with regular use. If you're noticing they are running out of power quickly, consult with a hearing aid professional to test them.

Making Your Hearing Aid Batteries Last Longer

To get the longest life from your hearing aid batteries, always keep them stored out of direct sunlight and at room temperature. Too much exposure to heat can shorten their life and can also pose a fire or explosion risk. Never carry your hearing aid batteries in your purse or pocket where they could come in contact with metal objects like keys or coins. This can short-circuit the batteries. When you are not wearing your hearing aid, open the battery compartment to minimize battery drain and exposure to moisture. Always turn your hearing aids off when you're not using them to help extend the battery life and get the most from your hearing aid battery purchase.

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