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Whether you're a casual photographer or a seasoned professional, today's digital cameras require a strong power source. Camera batteries provide a powerful solution to keep your picture-taking device working and will help to ensure you capture the perfect shot you've been waiting for. Shop CVS to find a wide range of camera batteries and search for the one you need based on brand name, size, price range, and more.

Finding the Right Camera Battery

It's important that you choose the proper camera battery so that it not only fits your make and model but that it also works properly. There are a lot of different styles of camera batteries available, so it's recommended that you save your current (even if it's dead) battery and check it against the camera batteries available. This will ensure you select the correct one for your unique camera make and model. Features like smooth or sharp corners are other factors that can assist you in purchasing the right battery for your camera. Most camera batteries are lithium-ion style and not traditional alkaline. Look closely at both the size and shape of your current battery when in doubt.

Traveling with Batteries

If you plan to travel by plane, be aware of the current TSA rules. When it comes to camera batteries, you'll probably be required to remove them from the camera while you're in the air. Since these batteries are usually lithium-ion, they pose a potential safety risk. Always store camera batteries in your onboard luggage and never in checked-in baggage. A plastic battery case is a great way to keep them safely and properly stored until you land. Simply pop the case with the battery inside in your camera bag so you can keep it close to the camera for quick reinstallation.

Extend the Life of Your Camera Battery

In order to ensure that your battery lasts a long time, there are some steps you can take to extend its overall lifespan. First, always turn your camera off when not in use to avoid draining the battery too quickly. Much like a smartphone, too many features running in the background will drain your battery much faster. Turn off things like automatic sensor cleaning and stabilization when it's not needed. Even turning down the LCD screen brightness can extend the life of your battery, saving you money and headaches in the long run.

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