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Hair Removal

Whether you just want to be well-groomed or your body hair causes you issues, there are plenty of hair removal options to choose from that are easy to do at home. Ranging from a few days to a few weeks of hairlessness, these methods are quick and less expensive than having to visit a salon every time your hair starts to grow back.


Bleaching is considered a hair removal method, even though no hair is actually removed from your body. Bleaching cream removes the pigment from your body hair and lightens it so the hair is less noticeable. It is often done on the upper lip, chin, arm or chest. This method works best on light skin because the bleach removes color from the hairs, allowing them to blend into light skin. Be sure to read the list of ingredients carefully before using any bleaching cream and be aware that it could have a strong odor.


Hair removal creams, also called depilatories, are designed to remove hair from the skin surface of your body. Using a strong, alkaline-based ingredient, depilatories weaken hair so it can be easily removed from the follicle and scraped away. They come in a variety of forms, including creams, lotions, powders, gels, sprays and more. Hair removal usually lasts from one to three weeks.


Perhaps the most sensitive, and noticeable, part of the body that hair is removed from is the face. Chin, upper lip and eyebrows are all places that are bleached, waxed, lasered and otherwise subjected to hair removal treatments. But the skin on your face is more delicate than other parts of your body, so it is important to carefully consider the hair removal methods you use there.


Trimmers provide a smooth shave and, compared to razors, there is less of a chance of cutting into your skin and causing injury. You can also remove hair without suffering razor burn, ingrown hairs or other issues that arise when using regular razors. Trimmers are ideal for small and hard-to-reach areas where other hair removal methods aren't useful, such as the nose or ears.


For at-home waxing, there are usually two options. Traditional wax needs to be warmed up, applied with a stick and then removed with strips. Wax-ready strips already have the wax attached and ready to go. These pre-waxed, pre-cut strips are a fast, easy and less-messy way to wax. Unlike other at-home hair removal methods, waxing lasts for a decent amount of time, usually two to six weeks, depending on your hair and skin type.

It is important to consider all methods, and your possible reaction to them, before picking a hair removal product.

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