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Massage Appliances

Massages may help to relax muscles, improve flexibility, reduce injury, increase immunity and improve sleep. But it can be cost-prohibitive to get massages at a spa on a regular basis. At-home massage tools might not provide the same level of care and comfort, but they may help to relieve the tension when you need it most.

Hand Held Massagers

Small, handheld massagers provide a perfect way to hit the spots that are causing you the most trouble. From massagers that can be used anywhere on the body to tools designed specifically for the feet, back or neck, you can get some relief where you need it most.

Massage Foam Rollers

If you are a runner or exercise a lot, at some point you may experience sore muscles or a slight injury. Foam rollers can be an effective way of doing self-body maintenance. Find where your muscles are the sorest and then roll it for 20 to 30 seconds to give the tender areas a chance to release. If this causes you extreme pain, back off the pressure or stop and consult a physician. Start slow and build up to help relax the tension in your muscles and ligaments that are suffering from overuse.

Pillow Massagers

Massage cushions that go on top of an office chair or couch are the perfect way to relax tension while sitting and working. These hit the tender spots in your shoulders, neck and back that develop from sitting in front of the computer for hours. Many cushions also wrap down around to the bottom of the seat, massaging your gluteus and upper leg muscles as well.

Massage pillows can pinpoint all the same areas as a cushion, though they can only do a small area at a time. From your neck to shoulders to lower back, a massage pillow can help relax and loosen muscles with its rotating nodes.

In the end, it will take some trial and error to find the massage tool that will work best for you. If you think you have an injury or other underlying medical condition causing your pain, you should visit a medical professional in order to receive an accurate diagnosis.


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