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When you're pregnant, your nutritional needs change because you're eating for two. Many women require prenatal vitamins to ensure that they are getting enough of the key nutrients that they and their babies need. If your medical provider has suggested that you take a prenatal vitamin, CVS can help you find the perfect one with a wide range of prenatal vitamins that you can purchase online.

Supplements For Nutrition During Pregnancy

Even in the womb, babies' bodies require nutrients to grow and development properly. Mothers are the sole source of these nutrients, so it's important that women eat well-balanced diets throughout pregnancy. Some vitamins are especially vital to fetal development. Examples include the essential fatty acid DHA supplement and the essential vitamin folate.

Prenatal Multivitamins

Many women find it difficult to eat enough of the healthy foods required to consume enough nutrients for both themselves and their babies. That's why medical providers typically recommend prenatal multivitamins. While their formulas vary, prenatal multivitamins generally provide many essential vitamins and minerals that pregnant women may become deficient of. Some also contain DHA to support healthy brain and eye development in babies. Health care providers typically advise women to begin taking prenatal multivitamins as soon as they know that they are pregnant and to continue to take them until they stop breastfeeding.

Vitamins For Pregnant Women

In some cases, pregnant and nursing women may not require a complete multivitamin but still be in need of more of a specific nutrient. Standalone vitamins and supplements can provide that extra amount of folate, DHA or another nutrient that an expectant mother requires for a healthy pregnancy.

Choosing Prenatal Vitamins

Before taking any prenatal vitamin, you should discuss your nutritional needs with your medical provider. He or she can provide you with advice about what to look for in a supplement. Then, you can read the product descriptions and examine the label information to narrow down the options and focus on the supplements that are the best match for your needs. Next, you can compare forms, choosing a supplement that will be easy for you to take. You may have your choice of tablets, capsules, caplets, softgels or gummies. Once you have received your new prenatal vitamin, read the directions for use printed on the packaging. You should follow these instructions unless your health care provider gives you other dosing guidelines.

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