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Disposable Weekly Contact Lenses

Disposable Weekly Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are available in a wide variety of types and brands. Disposable contacts come in pairs that have a specific replacement schedule--either daily, weekly or monthly. At the end of the time frame, you throw them away and replace them with a new pair. Disposable weekly contact lenses, also referred to as weeklies, are disposable contacts with a scheduled replacement, which is after one week or two weeks of wear. Disposable weekly contact lenses are a popular choice among contact lens wearers.

Benefits of Weekly Contacts

The purchase price for disposable weekly contact lenses is significantly less than daily contact lenses. Instead of having to buy 365 pairs of contacts for the year, you are only buying 26 or 52 pairs, depending on if you replace them weekly or bi-weekly. They are a highly affordable solution to correcting vision via corrective lenses.

Disposable weekly contact lenses offer increased durability over disposable daily lenses and are less prone to tearing. They are designed to be highly resistant to protein deposits and dirt build-up, whereas daily disposable lenses are not. This also allows the weekly lenses to provide more comfort as the day wears on over daily disposables.

A main advantage of disposable weekly contact lenses is that they provide flexibility. If you only want or need to wear your contacts for a few hours each day, that is perfectly fine. You can insert and remove them on your own schedule without feeling wasteful, since you won't have to throw them away like you would with daily disposables.

Disposable weekly contact lenses are a great choice for you if you need to change your contacts more often than monthly because of build-up or allergy issues but don't want to pay the higher prices of disposable daily contacts.

Other Types of Disposable Contacts

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