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Sleepless nights can leave you groggy and irritable and interfere with your ability to concentrate on the tasks of your day. If sleep problems are detracting from your health and well-being, dietary supplements like valerian root provide one way to address the issues. CVS stocks a diverse assortment of valerian root dietary supplements, so you can find the right product for your needs online.

What Is Valerian Root?

Valerian root is an herb that is native to Europe and Asia and grown in North America. The use of valerian root as a natural remedy can be traced back all the way to Ancient Greece and Rome. Today, dietary supplement manufacturers use the roots and underground stems of the plant to produce herbal supplement products. Most commonly, valerian root is taken to address insomnia and other sleep problems. Studies have found that certain substances in valerian root may act as sedatives, meaning that they slow down the nervous system and encourage sleep. More research is required to prove that valerian root is effective for everyone who takes it.

Natural Sleep Aid

If you want to try valerian root to address sleep problems, you can choose from two types of products: standalone or combination supplements. A standalone supplement contains only valerian root as a key ingredient. In a combination supplement, valerian root is mixed with other key ingredients that are believed to promote restful sleep. For example, some products combine valerian root with melatonin, a substance produced by the human body to help regulate the sleep-wake cycle. You can check out the product descriptions to find out exactly what is in each valerian root combination supplement.

Valerian Root Supplements

Although valerian root is naturally derived and can be purchased without a doctor's prescription, it is not ideal for everyone. Valerian root can pose a risk for side effects, cause allergic reactions, interact with other supplements and drugs, and lead to health complications for some individuals. To ensure that valerian root is an ideal choice for you, consult a medical provider before taking any dietary supplement. Your health care provider can discuss your sleep problems with you and help determine if valerian root is likely to help. Only use valerian root supplements as directed unless your health care provider gives you other instructions. Because the herb can cause drowsiness, you should not drive or operate heavy machinery after taking a valerian root supplement.

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