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What Is Vapor Rub?

Chest rub acts as cough suppressant, temporarily relieving coughing symptoms associated with the common cold. If you are searching for chest cold remedies that won’t cause side effects like drowsiness, vapor rub may be a good choice. Vicks VapoRub is a popular brand that many consumers have rated very highly. Some products are even available in special scents like lemon and lavender.

How to Use Vapor Rub?

To use, simply rub a thick layer of product into the skin at the throat and chest. You may notice that applying vapor rub on feet is an alternative method that is sometimes recommended on social networking sites, but there is no proven medical basis for this practice. It is always best to follow the usage directions that are printed on the product packaging.

What are Vapor Rub Safety & Special Considerations?

If you want to avoid chemicals, natural vapor rub is formulated without petroleum. For young children and infants, baby vapor rub is available. Vapor rub for babies is non-medicated, meaning that it is formulated without ingredients like menthol, which can be harmful for babies and young children. Never use chest rub for adults on babies or young children. Before using baby chest rub on your baby or child, always be sure to consult your pediatrician, as not all vapor rub formulas are safe for all babies and children. For very young or sensitive children, your pediatrician may be able to offer advice on safe, alternative methods of soothing your little one throughout their cough or cold.

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