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Digestion For Kids

At CVS, we know how much you want to keep your child healthy and comfortable. Our selection of digestive health products for kids is designed to help you do that. As a reminder, you should always consult your child’s physician before administering any treatments.

Probiotics For Children

Probiotics for children support a healthy level of good bacteria so that kids’ defense systems stay strong. Children’s probiotics are also a good way to maintain regularity and keep them comfortable. Digestive enzymes for kids deliver relief from occasional gas and bloating by helping to make foods easier for their systems to process. In addition to digestive enzyme supplements, probiotics for kids can also help ease tummy troubles. CVS offers a selection of the best probiotics for children, including kid-friendly gummy formulas.

Electrolyte's For Kids Digestion

Pediatric electrolyte solutions provide vital hydration and restore minerals that are lost when children are sick with diarrhea or vomiting. Pediatric electrolyte drinks are ready to use and formulated to help prevent dehydration in children.

Infant Gas Relief

Infant gas relief drops break up your baby’s gas bubbles to relieve their discomfort gently and safely. Even as they grow beyond infancy, children’s digestive systems require special care. CVS offers a variety of treatments for digestive distress, all formulated specially for kids. These include children’s stool softenerlaxativesantacids, and anti-diarrheal medicines.


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