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If you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, sticking to the diet plan recommended by your health care provider or registered dietitian can go a long way toward helping you regulate your blood sugar levels. CVS can help you stick to your healthy eating plan even when you're feeling under the weather. This product selection includes a variety of sugar free versions of common over-the-counter medications that are frequently recommended for diabetics.

Why Sugar Free?

Diabetes is marked by abnormally high levels of sugar, or glucose, in the bloodstream. Uncontrolled elevated blood glucose levels can damage the body, leading to serious health complications. Typically, blood sugar levels are controlled through a combination of medications, insulin and dietary and lifestyle changes. Many diabetics are advised to reduce their intake of sugar or avoid products with added sugar entirely. As a result, they may be unable to take certain medications. Sugar free products are available for these individuals.

Solutions for Coughs and Colds

Sugar may be added to cough and cold medications to improve the taste, but manufacturers frequently offer sugar free versions to meet the needs of diabetics. To help ease a sore throat and coughing, you can use sugar free lozenges. These products may lubricate the throat to help ease discomfort and temporarily reduce coughing. Sugar free anti-tussive medications are also available. Also called cough syrup, these over-the-counter medications may work by temporarily suppressing your body's cough reflex.

Other Sugar Free Products

There are a number of other types of medications that may contain sugar. Fiber laxatives may have sugar added to enhance the flavor, and sugar is sometimes used to sweeten chewable and gummy multivitamins. It's important to check the labels of products before you purchase them to find out if sugar is added. You can explore this product selection to discover sugar free alternatives to medications and supplements that you are unable to take due to the presence of added sugar.

Getting the Most Out of Medications

You can purchase sugar free over-the-counter medications and supplements without a prescription from a doctor, but that doesn't mean that you should not consult your health care provider before using one of the products in this selection. Supplements and over-the-counter medicines can still pose a risk for side effects, drug interactions and allergic reactions. Check with your medical provider before taking any new supplement or medicine. Doing so can help you reduce your risk of complications. Always follow the directions for use printed on the packaging of sugar free medicines and supplements unless a medical professional gives you other instructions.