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Lancing Devices?

Checking your blood sugar levels at home can help you take the steps necessary to get your glucose readings under control. In order to test your blood sugar with most of today's blood sugar monitors, you'll first need to obtain a blood sample with a lancing device and lancet. CVS makes it simple to purchase lancets, lancing devices and other diabetic testing accessories with a diverse assortment of products that you can buy online and have shipped to your home.

What Are Lancets and Lancing Devices?

Lancets are small needle-like medical supplies. With a lancet, you can make a tiny prick in your skin to obtain a few drops of blood for testing in a diabetic monitor. Lancing devices are used with lancets. Most have a spring action that allows the lancet to move quickly enough to pierce the skin. While lancing devices, themselves, are reusable, it is important to use a new lancet each time you check your blood sugar to help prevent infection.

Lancet Gauge Sizes

One of the biggest ways that lancets differ from one another is their gauge ratings. The gauge of the lancet tells you how thick the needle is. Larger gauge lancets have thicker needles than lower gauge options. Generally, the smaller the gauge size, the less painful the lancet is to use. Larger gauge needles are stronger and can make it easier to draw blood for those who struggle to properly use their lancing devices.

Choosing a Lancing Device

There are a number of different types of lancing devices available on the market today. To select one for your home testing, start by focusing on the right category for your needs. The manufacturers of diabetes testing supplies offer lancing devices sized specifically for adults and for children. Next, you can consider the lancet gauge size that fits into the lancing devices. It is important to note that typically each lancing device is compatable with its own type of lancets and that interchange between brands usually won’t work. You may also want to think about where you want to obtain your blood samples from. All lancing devices can generally be used on the fingertips, but there are some that make it possible to draw blood from other parts of the body.

Diabetes Care Accessories

At CVS, you can find the supplies that you need for diabetes care. The selection of diabetic testing supplies includes storage cases for lancets, lancing devices and glucometers. You can also find insulated cooling cases that can be used to help protect and chill insulin when you're on the go.

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