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Animals are naturally curious creatures, so it's important to always have a few fun pet toys on hand. Whether you own a dog, cat, or a small animal, these toys can help to stimulate the brain and encourage your pet to bond with its human owner. Choosing the right pet toy is easy and fun, and it's a great way to keep your pets engaged. From chew toys to small toys your pets can chase, there's plenty of wonderful options available for your pet.

Chewable Pet Toys

Since your dog (and cat) don't brush their teeth, chew toys can help keep them healthy. When your pet chews on their toy, it can help to scrub away dangerous plaque. Make sure you choose pet toys that are safe and that won't break apart so that they accidentally swallow parts and pieces. Chewable treats for dogs can be a great reward for your pet, and they're also a good option to keep your pooch's teeth nice and clean. Make sure the chewable pet toys you choose are safe for use, and if you're ever in doubt, read the label or check with your vet before you give the toy to your dog.

Cat Toys For Your Feline Friend

Our feline friends are natural predators, so it's only normal for them to want to chase things around. A laser pointer is a great cat toy that can keep your feline entertained for hours. If you don't have the time or patience to spend moving the laser around, there are also automated laser pet toys available. Small mice toys are another wonderful option that can encourage your cat to pounce and play. Add some catnip to the toy and it should keep your cat engaged for a lot longer. Anything that requires your cat to run and chase after the toy is recommended since this keeps them active and happy. This is especially true if you have an exclusively indoor cat.

Dog Toys And Other Fun Pet Toys

When it comes to pet toys, there's no shortage of fun options available. Look for a tug of war-type toy that you can actively engage in playing with your dog. Frisbees and balls are excellent toys so your pooch can get outside, get some exercise, and play fetch with you. For cats, try toys that make noises, since these will bring out their instinctive need to hunt for prey. Do some research to find the perfect pet toys that will keep your furry friend active and happy for hours on end.

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