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Tissues & Cotton Swabs
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Tissues and Cotton Swabs

Paper and cotton products are used for a number of personal care tasks that men, women and kids perform every day. Staying stocked up on these products can help to ensure that everyone in your family can complete their grooming routines with ease. With the diverse assortment of products available at CVS, you can purchase the toilet tissue, facial issue, cotton balls and cotton swabs that you need without ever having to visit the store. Explore the entire product selection now or refine your search and shop by category.

Bathroom Tissue

Bathroom tissue or toilet paper is used for personal hygiene after going to the bathroom. This type of personal care paper product is sold by the roll. Each roll provides a set number of sheets. To compare products, you'll want to consider the number of sheets per roll and the total number of rolls provided in each package. Other features to take into account when shopping for toilet paper include softness levels and how strong the toilet paper is.

Facial Tissue

Facial tissue has a number of purposes in homes. People use it to blow and wipe their noses, to remove cosmetics, to cleanse their faces and more. Tissues for the face are offered in large boxes and small travel packs. You can find specialty options that moisturize the skin with lotion and open up the nasal passages with aromatic scents.

Cotton Balls

Cotton balls are small puffs of cotton. People often reach for cotton balls to apply skin care and wound care products. In addition, they can be used to remove makeup and for a number of other tasks. Manufacturers offer cotton balls in a variety of sizes and sell them in an array of quantities.

Cotton Swabs

A cotton swab is a plastic or paper stick that has a tuft of cotton at each end. Highly versatile, cotton swabs are used for dabbing on medications, for precise makeup application and for cleaning around the eyes, nose and mouth. Like facial tissue, cotton swabs are offered in large packages for home use and in smaller packaging for travel.

Going Green

If you're concerned about the effects of personal care products on the planet, you can choose eco-friendly options. Some bathroom tissue is sold without cardboard tubes to reduce paper waste. You can also find facial and bathroom tissues made partially or completely from recycled paper to minimize eco impact.

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