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Bobby pins are a handy tool that helps you keep your hair in place. These slender metal pieces have been used for decades, and they're an excellent companion to any hair stylist's kit. From formal events to everyday wear, bobby pins can make your hair look stylish and perfectly posh. Read on to learn more about the best ways to use these slender sticks so your hair looks amazing.

Bobby Pin Basics

When you put the bobby pin in your hair, make sure that the grooved side is facing down. These small grooves are made to keep the pin in place, so if you insert them into your hair with the grooved side up, they will fall out much more quickly. Most bobby pins have a small plastic coating or ball on the end. Over time, this can wear out, exposing the sharp metal underneath. If your bobby pins are missing this part, you should replace them with new ones to avoid snagging or pulling your hair when you wear them. You can find bobby pins in a variety of colors from black and brown to pastels. Choose one that coordinates best with your hair color so they don't stand out too much unless you want them to be part of your overall look.

Proper Use of Bobby Pins

If you add a bobby pin to wet hear, it will create dents that will stay in place until you wash your hair again. Let your hair fully dry before you use the pins or else it can cause your hair to look misshapen. Never use bobby pins to clean out your ears, as this can cause serious damage to your eardrums. Only use bobby pins to keep sections of hair in place. For more dramatic styling, consider using curlers, a straightening iron, or other styling tools.

If you begin to notice that your bobby pins aren't staying in place, they could have reached the end of their life. Over time, the bobby pin will be spread apart, and the metal can get bent. This makes the pin less tight and it won't be able to hold in your hair. Only twist the amount of hair you want to pin down, adding one bobby pin per section. If you put too much hair in a bobby pin, the hair will eventually fall out and won't keep its shape. With these handy tips, you can be a bobby pin pro in no time.