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Duracell 2032 Coin Battery, 4CT
Duracell 2032 Coin Battery, 4CT
$3.50 / ea.
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Batteries provide a reliable source of power for a huge array of items. The type of battery you select will depend on the device's requirements, so it's important that you choose the correct battery for each items' individual needs. CVS offers a large selection of all kinds of batteries, including 3 volt batteries. Simply sort and search the batteries you need by price, customer review, and more until you find the perfect ones that will power up all of your most-used devices.

What are 3 Volt Batteries Used For?

Most 3 volt batteries look like small round discs and are often referred to as button or coin batteries. This type of battery can be found in all kinds of things like wristwatches and calculators as well as home medical devices. You may also find them in some key fob items like security system alarm keychains, or even some automotive keychain devices. They provide three volts of power to ensure efficient operation while maintaining a small, compact profile that works well in many smaller-sized electronic items. Larger versions of these 3 volt batteries can be found in an assortment of digital camera models, and are often referred to as "photo lithium batteries."

Proper Disposal of 3 Volt Batteries

Today's 3 volt batteries are lithium style, meaning they're comprised of heavy metals and power cells that can cause a potential fire and leak dangerous chemicals into the ground. When your 3 volt battery has run its course, it's important that you dispose of it safely and properly to avoid potential fires or other environmentally-related problems. Drop your old batteries off at your local recycling center, or you may be able to request a battery pick-up through your local city or town.

Battery Safety

No matter which type of batteries you're using, it's always good to follow a few simple safety practices. First, try to only buy your batteries from reputable manufacturers located in the United States whenever possible. Second, inspect your batteries regularly to make sure they are in good condition. Leaking or rusted batteries are definitely a hazard and should be disposed of as soon as possible. Always store your 3 volt batteries and other batteries in a place at a consistent temperature, preferably between 41 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit to make sure there's no risk of potential explosion or fire.