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If you or someone you love is dealing with incontinence, it is important to protect your bedding. Bedding can easily become ruined when exposed to urine. CVS offers a variety of incontinence supplies designed to help you protect your mattress, sheets, and other furniture from damage.

Underpads For Beds

Bed pads and underpads are designed to be placed on top of your mattress and sheets to help keep them dry during the night. You can also use underpads to help protect furniture like couches and armchairs. Simply place the incontinence pad on top of the surface you want to protect, making sure that the absorbent side is facing upwards. It is important to know that some bed pads are designed with greater absorbency than others. It is always wise to use more than one method of protection. For example, you may want to wear incontinence underwear to bed at night and also lay down a bed pad underneath you to help minimize the damage from potential leaks that might get through.

Disposable Bed Pads

Many bed pads are disposable. Disposable bed pads are very convenient because they don’t create any additional laundry and you don’t need to worry about cleanup. Instead, you can simply wrap the used bed pad up and dispose of it in the trash. Disposable underpads are typically sold in packs, so you can purchase a supply at an affordable price. Washable bed pads and sheet protectors are also available. Washable bed pads should be placed above the sheets to help keep your bedding and mattress dry. When the sheet protector becomes wet, you can simply throw it in the washing machine and reuse it once it is clean. Because you don’t need to keep purchasing additional products as you do with disposable bed pads, many people find this to be a more affordable option. Still others may prefer washable underpads for environmental reasons. You should choose whichever style works best for you and your lifestyle. Some people even alternate between using both, depending on their needs at the time!

Waterproof Mattress Pads

In addition to incontinence bed pads, CVS also carries a selection of waterproof mattress pads and mattress protectors. Waterproof mattress pads offer additional protection from incontinence. Mattress protectors are typically washable, so you can use them again and again. It is a good idea to keep a waterproof mattress pad on your bed at all times to help protect your mattress from becoming damaged. Some mattress protectors are also reversible, so that if you have leakage during the night, you don’t have to get up and change your bedding right away. These are designed to allow you to easily turn the mattress protector over and go back to sleep comfortably, leaving you free to get the rest you need and deal with laundry in the morning instead. However, not all mattress protectors have this feature, so be sure to read the product packaging carefully before making your purchase.

Mattress Pads For Protection

If you struggle with incontinence, it is possible to protect your expensive mattress and beloved bedding from becoming damaged! With incontinence supplies from CVS, you can rest comfortably and worry-free! However, it is always important to talk to your doctor if you are dealing with incontinence. He or she can help you pinpoint the cause of your symptoms and go over possible medical treatments that could help you experience fewer leaks in the future.

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