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It's hard to focus on the events of your day when you're worried about symptoms of urinary incontinence. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from embarrassing accidents and feel more confident throughout the day with the help of incontinence pads and panty liners. CVS carries a diverse assortment of pads and panty liners for incontinence protection. You can shop the full selection online and have your order shipped discreetly to your door.

Incontinence Pads And Panty Liners

Pads and panty liners are urinary incontinence protection solutions that are made out of absorbent cloth materials. On the backs of these products is sticky adhesive. To use these incontinence products, you simply peel off the backing and press the adhesive side against your underwear. If you have an accident or experience urine leakage, the panty liners and pads absorb the liquid. After use, you simply peel the pad or panty liner off and throw it away.

There are a number of reasons why people choose pads and panty liners for incontinence protection. Due to their compact size, these incontinence aids can be discreetly carried with you during the day. Panty liners and pads are simple to use and to remove and do not require you to undress completely after an accident. Plus, with pads and panty liners, you can continue to wear your everyday underwear.

Incontincence Products For Women: Panty Liners Vs. Pads

Although pads and panty liners work the same way, there are differences between these two products. Panty liners are thinner than pads and are often shorter in length. As a result, you are less likely to feel panty liners against your body during the day. The downside to panty liners is that they are less absorbent than pads. Typically, panty liners are best for people with mild stress incontinence who experience only light leakage.

Women's Incontinence Pads With Wings

Incontinence pads come in a variety of absorbency levels, including light, moderate, super and super plus. Overnight pads are also available and tend to be the most absorbent, largest pads. You can read the product descriptions to learn more about the absorbency levels of the various products featured in this selection.

Some incontinence pads and panty liners have special features that may benefit you. Products with wings feature fold-over tabs that wrap around the crotch of your panties, helping them stay in place during the day. Pads may also feature quick-absorbing top sheets that wick away liquid quickly to keep you feeling dry.

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