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Hinged Knee Brace

If you've been injured or have issues with your joints, a hinged knee brace can help to keep it stabilized. These handy health aids limit movement, allowing your knee to properly heal after a surgery or a serious injury. They're also used to reduce the pain and pressure of knee arthritis. Read on to learn more about hinged knee braces, how to use them, and how they can help you recover faster.

Tips for Using a Hinged Knee Brace

You should talk to your doctor about using a hinged knee brace and let them help you get properly fitted. The brace needs to be the correct size for you so that it fits you snugly yet comfortably. Ensure that the hinges are resting in the correct places so you can still bend your knee. Make sure that you fasten all straps and loops before walking with the brace on. If you play sports, it's recommended that you wear it during any form of activity that could possibly cause further injury to your knee. Check it often as you're playing to ensure that it's staying securely in place and not sliding down.

Safety Tips

When you wear a hinged knee brace, check your skin frequently to make sure it has not become irritated, dry, or red. When your knee rubs against the brace, it could possibly cause irritation, so take it off occasionally to let the skin "breathe." You may also be able to add a bandage under the brace for an added layer of protection. A cream or lotion can help to soothe irritated skin. Read the instructions on the packaging for how to keep the brace clean. Some fabric braces can be washed with mild soap and water and hung to dry. Clean and inspect it often, and never wear a brace if it has become damaged or broken. Replace any broken or damaged braces as soon as possible.


A hinged knee brace is generally safe to use, but there are some things you should be aware of in case there are any problems while using the brace. If your knee starts to swell or the pain increases, talk to your doctor about alternative treatment plans. If you find that you can't move or put weight on your leg, there could be a more serious underlying problem. You should contact your doctor if any pain becomes worse when you wear the brace or if your skin is raw or sore after wearing it. If your leg goes numb when you wear the brace, you may need a different size. With proper use, a hinged knee brace can be a valuable asset to help you heal.