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Hearing Amplification
Hearing Amplifiers
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iHEAR TReO Personal Hearing Amplifier, Right Ear, Beige
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iHEAR TReO Personal Hearing Amplifier, Left Ear, Beige
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Bose Hearphones conversation enhancing headphones
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Beurer Personal Hearing Amplifier, Indoor and Outdoor
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MSA 30X Sound Amplifier
MSA 30X Sound Amplifier
$19.99 / ea.
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Hearing loss can impact every part of your day, and may make it hard for you to carry on conversations with people around you, watch television and talk on the phone. Hearing amplifiers can help make it easier for you to detect sounds that you might otherwise miss, so that you can complete your daily living tasks. CVS carries a diverse assortment of hearing amplifiers with products available for you to browse and buy online and have delivered to your home.

Understanding Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a common problem. Many people gradually develop hearing loss as they age due to changes in the inner structures of the ear. Signs and symptoms of hearing loss may include difficulty picking up speech when there is background noise, having to turn the volume up on the television or radio and needing to ask others to repeat their words. In most cases, hearing loss is permanent; however, there are ways for people with the problem to improve their hearing.

What Are Hearing Amplifiers?

A hearing amplifier is a device that makes sounds louder so that they can be easily heard. Generally, hearing amplifiers are intended for people who have typical hearing or only very minor hearing loss who are struggling to hear in noisy environments. It's important to understand that a hearing amplifier is not the same as a hearing aid. A hearing aid is a device worn inside or outside the ear to improve sound and compensate for hearing loss.

Considering Your Options

As you compare hearing amplifiers, pay attention to the level of sound amplification that they provide. This will tell you how much louder the amplifier will make sounds. You'll also want to consider how the devices are used. Some attach to the outside of your ear, while others fit into your ear like earphones.

Getting Best Results

Before purchasing a hearing amplifier, talk to your medical provider about hearing loss. He or she can discuss your symptoms and order a hearing test to check the severity of your hearing impairment. Then, your health care provider can recommend the best methods for improving your hearing. If a hearing amplifier is right for you, make sure that you use the device that you purchase according to the manufacturer's instructions unless a health care professional gives you other advice.