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Dish Detergent

After you've prepared and enjoyed a meal, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the kitchen washing your dishes, cookware, and serving utensils. Dishwashers can greatly simplify your after-meal routine by automating dishwashing, but only if you use them properly. CVS can help you make the most out of your dishwasher with a huge selection of dishwashing detergents. You can shop online or use the store finder to discover which local CVS store carries your favorite product.

What Is Dish Detergent?

Dishwashing detergent is a type of soap or cleanser made especially for use in dishwashers. When the dishwasher is in use, the detergent helps to loosen grease, oil, and other residue so that it can be washed away. Without detergent, you simply can't get your dishes clean. It's important to note that liquid dish soap used for washing dishes in the sink is not compatible with dishwashers. You should only ever load your dishwasher with detergent.

Types Of Dish Detergents

Traditional dishwasher detergent comes in powder form. This type of detergent is poured or shaken into the appropriate area in the dishwasher before use. Some people prefer gel or liquid-based detergent that usually comes in a squeeze-able bottle as they feel it is easier to use. Dishwashing detergent packs or tabs are another option. Tabs and packs are made out of powder that has been pressed into a solid cube or pellet. When you're loading the dishwasher, you simply drop a tab or pack into the detergent reservoir.

Dish Detergents Vs. Rinse Aid

Detergent isn't the only cleaning product designed for use in dishwashers. You can also find rinse aids available for purchase. A rinse aid is not a detergent that removes oil and debris. Instead, a rinse aid is released during the rinse cycle to help dishes rinse more thoroughly. Although rinse aids are not mandatory, many people choose to use them to combat streaks and spots on their glassware and other dishes. It is important not to mix up the detergent and rinse aid reservoirs. If you're unsure where each is located inside of your dishwasher, consult your owner's manual.

Natural Dish Detergent

If you're striving to reduce your use of chemicals at home, natural dishwashing detergent is an excellent solution. Natural detergents contain fewer synthetic ingredients with extracts from plants, minerals, and other natural substances used in their place. People may choose to use natural dishwasher detergent due to their eco-friendly philosophies or because they are sensitive to chemical substances used in conventional products.

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