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Toilet Paper

Everyone hates reaching for the roll only to find out that you've run out of toilet paper. CVS can  help you avoid this annoying problem. With a diverse assortment of toilet tissue available for you to buy online and in stores, CVS makes it simple to keep your bathroom well stocked. You can shop the entire selection of toilet tissue or use filters to narrow down the options and find your favorite product quickly.

Types Of Bath Tissue

One of the first things to consider when shopping for toilet tissue is the type of paper from which it is made. Start by considering the thickness of the toilet tissue. This is measured in plies, the number of layers of paper found in the tissue. Most products on the market are single, double and triple ply. Thinner products are usually the most affordable, while thicker products are less likely to rip and tear during use. Another consideration is softness. Thicker tissue often has a softer, more pleasant feel than thinner paper. Some toilet paper brands offer quilted or ultra plush tissue for extra softness.

Toilet Tissue Sizes

After you have focused on toilet tissue made from the type of paper that you prefer, it's time to consider size. Trying to interpret the size of toilet tissue can be difficult as packaging is often confusing. To accurately compare the size of toilet tissue rolls, you should start by consider the number of sheets per roll. Then, you can examine how many rolls are in the available packages. This will give you a clear picture of just how much toilet paper you are purchasing for a given price.

Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper

If you're concerned about the effects of paper waste on the planet, you may want to consider an eco-friendly toilet tissue option. Some products are tube free, eliminating cardboard waste. You can also find toilet tissue made out of recycled paper. Some people prefer toilet tissue that is chlorine free due to concerns about pollution.

Toilet Paper Alternatives

Some people prefer to use baby wipes or flushable wipes rather than toilet paper in the bathroom. Wipes are cloth towelettes that are soaked with a mild cleanser. You can use a wipe similarly to toilet paper and then throw it away after use. Wipes are available in a number of different types of packaging, including tubs, large resealable pouches and small resealable travel pouches. Individually wrapped wipes are another option for use on the go.

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