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Whether it's spilled liquid or a messy meal, paper towels make life easy. These disposal "towels" are perfect for wiping up spills or wiping your mouth at dinnertime. You can find paper towels from a variety of brands, and they're an affordable alternative to cloth towels for cleanup and mealtimes. Before you choose your next package of paper towels, read on to learn more about what to look for as you make your purchase.

Durability Of Paper Towels

The stronger the paper towels are that you use, the less frustrated you'll be. If you tend to use paper towels to clean up big messes, look for brands that feature durable construction. These paper towels won't tear or dissolve, and they work great in a workshop or busy kitchen. Two-ply paper towels or those made of strong cotton are a good choice.

Best Paper Towels For Your Mess

Of course, you certainly need your paper towels to be able to absorb spills quickly. If you knock over a drink, a quality paper towel will soak that liquid up quickly. Look for paper towels that are soft and thick to ensure that they can handle all kinds of messes. In general, thin paper towels won't be able to handle the spills as efficiently as thick ones will. You might need to use several paper towels to absorb liquid if you purchase a thinner style.

Paper Towel Size

Large paper towels are great for bigger messes, and they're also a good choice if you want to fold one up to make a napkin. The bigger the paper towel, the more effective and efficient it will be. Newer options come in select-a-size rolls, which means you can tear them at the perforated line to make them smaller. Select-a-size paper towels are great if you don't necessarily always need a full-sized towel. It's also a great way to make your paper towel roll last longer with less waste.

Eco-Friendly Paper Towels

If you're concerned about the environment, look for paper towels that are biodegradable. Some brands also make paper towels using recycled or sustainable materials. Read the brand label of your paper towels to find out which ones are eco-friendly and which will help you create less waste. Although some products are completely biodegradable, it's never a good idea to flush paper towels down the toilet or else you could end up with clogged pipes.

Browse the variety of paper towels available and choose your next roll based on the size, durability, or whatever else is most important to you. These handy helpers make life easy when it comes to wiping up stains, cleaning, or to wipe your mouth at the dinner table.

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