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Despite today's technological world, printed documents or handwritten letters still play an essential role in business. Using the right kind of envelope for every mailing purpose makes mailing secure and simple. Here are some of the many types available at CVS® for both business and personal usage:

Envelope Sizes

Whether it's to mail out business documents, checks for household expenses, letters, or a resume for a job application, envelopes are essential supplies for the home office. They are also helpful for organizing your papers or schoolwork. Padded envelopes allow small items to go via mail instead of being packaged in a box and shipped via courier. 

Types Of Envelopes

  • Airmail envelopes are for sending time-sensitive mail overseas. Depending on the originating location and destination, it is usually the best option to transport the mail by aircraft. Sending via air is typically much faster than surface mail, which moves by ship, train, and truck. Airmail envelopes have a specific color pattern to make them easy to identify during sorting to ensure that they get on a plane.
  • Banker envelopes are the most common type for personal correspondence and greeting cards. They come in numerous colors and different sizes, with a triangular flap at the back as the distinguishing feature. White ones are typical for office use, while ones for greeting cards and invitations are in a myriad of colors.
  • Booklet envelopes have a flap that runs along the length. These are ideal for sending booklets, brochures, photos, or statements, which can be inserted flat without folding. The sizes of these envelopes vary. Also used for document organization and filing, they come in various colors to help with categorization.
  • Security envelopes have a printed pattern inside, making the contents unreadable when held up to the light. They are appropriate for documents or letters that you wish to keep confidential. The envelopes are standard in business use for sending out confidential papers or contracts. Most typically, security envelopes are useful when sending forms of money, such as checks, money orders, travelers' checks. The security pattern helps decrease the chances of theft or tampering.
  • Window envelopes are for bills and official purposes, such as business correspondence, checks, and invoices. As the name indicates, there is a cutout hole lined with transparent plastic on the front of the envelope. The window makes the paper inside visible. Documents are folded and positioned to eliminate the need to write the address or print a mailing label.

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