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Notebooks & Copy Paper

Who knew that in these modern times of 'the digital age' that we would be so reliant on paper? While typing out notes or ideas might be easier, there is a broad recognition that writing things down by hand helps with memory. Whether you are taking notes at lectures or want to plan out a business idea, writing things out by hand can help immensely. From notebooks, journals, sticky notes, and printer paper, CVS® provides a wide variety of choices for you to help you create, list, record, and present your ideas on paper.

Types Of Notebooks 

Legal pads - Both at school and in business, legal pads are the workhorse of note-taking. One effective way of using legal pads is to simply write out what needs recording, tear out the page, then organize them in manila folders. An excellent alternative for note-taking and writing is a wide-ruled spiral-bound notebook.

Spiral-bound (wire bound) notebooks have, as the name indicates, a spiral coil binding, usually made of wire or plastic. Unlike regularly bound notebooks where the paper is glued together at the spine, a spiral-bound notebook has two detached covers for the front and back, and the pages in between are held in place by the coiled binding. Spiral-bound notebooks are the most manageable type to use with limited desk space. With a spiral-bound notebook, you can open the notebook to any page and turn the cover and preceding sheets under, and it will lie flat in a compact fashion. 

Post-it notes are an essential tool. You can set reminders for yourself and paste them up where they will be most visible. Post-it notes plastered onto the computer screen is difficult to ignore. Another practical use of sticky notes is in organizing ideas and information. Writing out concise ideas or concepts and laying them out on a tabletop and shuffling them around to create plans, processes, or workflows is one effective way of using Post-it notes.

Getting things down on paper is still one of the best ways to plan your day, week, or life, complete an assignment, brainstorm the next startup, write a novel, and organize thoughts.

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