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What Are Diabetic Socks?

Diabetic socks are specially designed to help promote foot comfort in people with diabetes. Socks for diabetics are typically padded to help protect feet and are often seamless for added comfort. However, standard diabetes socks do not help support foot health. For that, you need a special type of diabetic sock: diabetic compression socks.

What Are Compression Socks Used For?

Diabetic compression socks are designed to promote healthy circulation by gently squeezing the foot, which helps send blood flow from the feet back up to the heart. It is common for diabetes patients to experience poor circulation in the lower extremities, which if left untreated could lead to serious complications, such as blood clots. Socks that offer gentle, graduated compression (meaning the sock is tighter near the ankle and becomes gradually less tight approaching the upper calves) may help maintain proper blood flow and may help to prevent problems like blood clots from occurring. However, while studies show that compression socks can be helpful for diabetics in a preventative capacity, it is important to remember that diabetic compression socks are not approved to treat or prevent any medical condition. You should always talk to your doctor about the best ways to manage your health and follow his or her advice carefully.

Choosing the Right Diabetic Compression Socks

It is especially important to choose diabetic compression socks that fit properly. You should not wear compression stockings that are too tight, which could further restrict blood flow, defeating the purpose of your compression socks. You should also avoid wearing compression socks that are too loose, as they will not offer enough gentle pressure to help regulate blood flow as intended. Ill-fitting compression socks are also just plain uncomfortable to wear. When shopping, pay attention to sizing charts on the packaging, and don’t be afraid to ask the seller questions. Before trying diabetic compression stockings, it is a good idea to discuss the option with your doctor. He or she can give you personalized advice as to whether the option is a safe and helpful treatment for you. Your doctor may also be able to offer advice on which sizing and brands may work best for you.

Where to Buy Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks are available online and at your local CVS. Diabetic compression socks are usually sold in packages containing 1 or 2 pairs. It is helpful to have more than one pair so that you have a clean pair to wear while you wash the other set. Diabetic compression socks are available at a variety of price points, with plenty of socks priced low for affordability. If you want to spend a little more and stock up on diabetic stockings, some products are available to purchase in bulk online.

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