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If you have diabetes, monitoring your blood sugar levels is an important part of your treatment plan. CVS makes it easy to find the best blood glucose monitor for your needs with a diverse assortment of models that you can buy online and have shipped to your home.

The Importance of Knowing Your Numbers

Food, exercise, stress, insulin and medication all may impact your blood sugar levels. By checking your numbers, you can begin to see how your lifestyle choices and diet are affecting your glucose readings. This can make it easier to better control your blood sugar. Plus, your medical provider can use the data to help assess how well your treatment plan is working, so that he or she can make changes as needed. Checking blood sugar levels can help alert diabetics to instances of dangerously high or low glucose levels. It can also help those diabetics who use insulin to calculate the correct dosage they will need.

How Do Glucometers Work?

To use a glucometer or blood glucose monitor, you prick your finger with a device called a lancet and then collect a small blood sample on a testing strip. An enzyme on the testing strip called glucose oxidase begins to react with the sugar in your blood. When you insert the strip into the glucometer, an electrode inside the device measures the speed of the reaction and then calculates how much glucose was present in the sample. The results are displayed on a digital screen. In some cases, you can save the readings for future review or use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to send the data to your mobile device or computer.

A1C Testing at Home

Blood glucose testing is typically the best way to assess how well your diabetes treatment plan is working. Your health care provider may also want you to test your A1C levels periodically. An A1C test tells you what your average blood sugar levels were over the past two to three months by checking how much of the hemoglobin protein in your blood is coated with sugar. Home A1C testing kits are available for you to get your A1C reading without having to schedule a doctor's appointment. Results from any home diagnostic test should be shared with your prescriber.”

Getting Best Results With Blood Sugar Monitors

Before purchasing a new blood glucose monitor, talk to your doctor. He or she may give you advice about which glucometer is best for you to purchase or give you guidelines about how to select the right monitor. Once you receive your new monitor, read the directions for use carefully. Following them closely will help to ensure accurate readings. It's also important to store, clean and maintain your glucometer in accordance with the manufacturer's directions.

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