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Cold Sore Relief

When cold sores strike, it can be hard to get through your day. The discomfort that they cause can be distracting, and the appearance of cold sores may rob you of your self-confidence. Fortunately, you can take steps to help ease the throbbing pain of cold sores and promote healing. CVS offers a diverse assortment of cold sore products to help you get relief. Explore the options online, make your purchase and your order will be shipped discreetly to your door.

What Are Cold Sores?

Cold sores are small blisters that develop around the mouth. At first, the blisters are filled with liquid. Then, they may break and form a crusty scab. Before the cold sore appears, it is common to experience tingling and itching. Most cold sores heal within 2 to 4 weeks on their own. The herpes simplex virus or HSV-1 virus is what causes cold sores. There is no known cure for the virus at this time. Once you have developed one cold sore, you are likely to have more outbreaks in the future. Treatment for cold sores focuses on reducing the frequency of outbreaks, promoting healing of the affected area and relieving discomfort. Talk to your medical provider about which cold sore relief product is right for you to ensure best results. Make sure to only use cold sore relief products as directed by the manufacturer unless you receive other instructions from your health care provider.

Docosanol for Cold Sores

Docosanol is an over-the-counter topical medication approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of cold sores. Using docosanol will not cure the HSV-1 virus, and it will not make a cold sore disappear instantly. Instead, docosanol is used to help cold sores heal more quickly than if left untreated. Studies have found that when docosanol is applied at the first symptoms of an outbreak, cold sores may heal within as little as 2.5 days.

Products With Lysine

For people who prefer a more natural approach to addressing cold sores, products with lysine are an option. Lysine is an amino acid that has been shown in some studies to shorten the duration of cold sores. More research is needed to prove that lysine will be effective for everyone who uses it.

Reducing Discomfort

When the burning sensations caused by cold sores interfere with your day, you can use over-the-counter products to assist with relief. These products often contain camphorated phenol. When applied to the skin, this key ingredient produces a tingly sensation that can temporarily ease the pain associated with cold sores

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