How To Make A Custom Graduation Banner

Honor your new grad in a bold way with a custom graduation banner. It's easy to get started with our convenient templates and contemporary designs. Start by selecting a favorite photo (or two) of your new grad. A senior class picture works well. Then personalize the text. There's space for your grad's full name, the school they attended, or the year they are graduating. Many of our custom graduation banners are available for same-day pickup, so you can design, print, and hang your banner in no time.

How To Hang A Graduation Banner

There are a few different methods you can use to hang your graduation banner. If you want to hang the banner against a wall, and depending on the weight of the banner, you can try securing it with push pins. To ensure a more durable hold, you can use screws in the four corners of the banner. Don't forget to use a pencil to mark the place on the wall where you intend to put the screws. While this method will be the most effective at securing your banner, using screws or push pins will leave marks on your wall. You can also try and use poster tack on the backside of the banner. Poster tack is easy to use, and it won't leave a mark on the wall. If you want to go off the wall, you can hang the banner between posts. Simply tie the banner between the posts using rope and loop the rope through the grommets or holes. If your banner does not come with pre-made grommets or holes, you can make them yourself by punching a hole in each corner of your banner and then using a grommet installation kit to complete the process.

Where To Hang A Graduation Banner

When you want to announce your grad's milestone by using a graduation banner, it's important to think about where you want to place it. Consider high-traffic areas of your home where the banner will be most visible. An entryway, hallway, or living room are all great spots to hang a banner. If you want to place it outside near a front walkway or in the backyard, consider hanging it between posts on your porch or along a fence.

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