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Kodak Memory Saver

Save your phone images and videos for safekeeping
Now available at all CVS Pharmacy® locations

Introducing the Kodak Memory Saver USB 3.0 Flash Drive, the USB flash drive storage solution now available at CVS Pharmacy®.


  • Kodak Memory Saver USB 3.0 Flash Drive is a safe and secure backup for your memories.
  • Stores 16 GB of photos and videos – up to 5,000 pictures and four hours of video.
  • In addition to phone photos, you can add photos from a SD card, USB drive and saved scanned photos
  • Files are transferred to the Memory Saver one time only from the kiosk; Memory Saver allows you to later add files from other sources.
  • Memory Saver can be brought back to CVS Pharmacy® at any time to create prints, cards, photo books and more!
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