Photos are how we document our lives from special moments to memories of loved ones lost. If you've been thinking of making your own photo album, custom hardcover photo books are a wonderful way to keep your favorite memories together forever. Whether it's a gift for someone you care about or you just want to keep your favorite moments with you, these customized books make it easy. Take a look at some ways you can create a beautiful custom hardcover photo book that you'll love.

Custom Hard Cover Photo Book Layouts and Designs

When you design your photo book, consider trying different layouts on each page. You can choose to have one showcase photo that takes up an entire page or create a fun collage that features several pictures together. Mix and match your pictures on each page to make the album more interesting. Switch things up by interchanging landscape and portrait-style photos along with square pictures. The combination of sizes and shapes gives the book a unique, scrapbook-like design. Don't forget to choose additional elements like background colors, graphics, and borders. You can also add a few quotes and wording throughout the book.

Custom Hard Cover Photo Book Themes

You can design a custom hardcover photo book for just about anything. Here are a few ideas for themes you can try:

The sky is the limit when it comes to custom hardcover photo books, so have fun with it until you find the perfect style that fits your needs.


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