4x8 Cardstock

Creativity and cardstock go hand and hand, and CVS has all you need to fulfill your artistic endeavors. Known for its durability and versatility, cardstock is thicker than normal paper, akin to a sturdier construction paper, with a multitude of uses. The thick nature of cardstock lends itself to more deluxe applications such as invitations, menus, and business cards. The smaller 4x8 cardstock cuts are most often seen in premium greeting cards, of which CVS offers a wide array. Customizable and ideal for celebrating any occasion, 2-sided photo cardstock cards uniquely announce new family additions, welcome new employees, invite family to functions, and thank wedding guests, all with personalized photos and messages.

Where To Print Photo Cards On Cardstock

To print photo cards on cardstock, look no further than your local CVS for in-store inspiration and online ordering. Find your favorite photos and decide on your sweet sentiments before choosing card colors, layout, and even trim styles available in the many designs CVS has to offer, and then easily place your order. Often available with next-day shipping, your cards will be ready for you to share with friends, family, and colleagues in no time at all, giving you a chance to start planning your next set of seasonal greetings and invitations.

Why Is Cardstock Better For Cards?

The rigid makeup of cardstock makes the material better for cards than other types of paper due to its resistance to bending or breaking, ensuring your special invitations or thank yous arrive in pristine shape. The 110lb cardstock makeup promises lasting images that will not disintegrate easily with time. The professional sheen of cardstock also lends itself to a glossy finish for your photos, making your cards stand out in the mail and on your lucky recipient's desk, mantle, or fridge for a long time to come.

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