Same Day Height Chart

You never know how true the old sayings--"blink and you'll miss it," "they grow so fast," "the days are long but the years are short,"--are until you are experiencing them firsthand. It is unbelievable how quickly children grow up, even when you are right there watching their every move and growth spurt. When they are born, you think they'll never fit into those 12- and 24-month clothes in the closet. Then, all of a sudden, they're off to kindergarten and high school and college. The years really do start to fly by as you get older and you have children.

In addition to watching them grow, record your children's growth on a height chart. While marking it on your door jam or piece of trim is fun and a great way to show how your children have grown in your home, you might not always live in the same place forever, and it is heartbreaking to have to leave such a sentimental piece of their childhood behind. With a height chart, you will be able to track their growth and see how they have changed through the years and throughout as many moves as you make before you settle down in one place.

Growth Chart Themes & Layouts

You can pick a growth chart that matches a nursery theme or your child's favorite thing. From rocket ships to princess castles to monsters, height charts are made to match any child's likes and personality. You can even personalize them with names and photos of your child or children. The height charts are printed on glossy photo paper, which makes it easy to write on when it is time to record your child's height. They also start at two feet and end at four feet nine inches to track your child's growth from the time they start standing until they are almost as tall as you!


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