Wedding Albums

After months of planning and anticipation, your wedding day passes by so quickly. Fortunately, you have your wedding photos to remind you of every moment of the special day. Creating a wedding photo book allows you to turn the images from your wedding into a story. Turning through the pages of a custom wedding album lets you relive the day whenever you wish. Photo books also make great gifts for friends and family. At CVS Photo, you can design a keepsake wedding photo book in no time and have a beautiful memento of the day you said "I do."

Start By Choosing A Style For Your Custom Wedding Album

To get started designing your wedding photo book, focus on style. The style of wedding photo books determines the basic appearance and theme of the pages. You'll be free to customize and personalize whichever option you choose. Options include classic, modern, and bohemian designs.

Wedding Photo Books Come in Several Shapes & Sizes

Once you have selected the style that you prefer, the next step is to select the book that is right for you. Wedding photo books come in rectangular and square shapes in an array of sizes. Small wedding albums are easy to take with you on the go to share with friends and family, while large albums allow you to admire the small details of images. Depending on the size that you choose, you may have your choice of a hard cover, soft cover or specialty leather, linen, or a custom cover.

Customizing Your Wedding Photo Books

After you select your size and book type, you're ready to begin making the wedding photo album your own. You can upload images from your computer, Facebook, Google Photos, Instagram, or Flickr. If you previously uploaded photographs to a CVS Photo account, those images will be available to. Select your desired photos and then go through page by page, placing the images where you want them, adding captions and headings as you see fit.


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