Grandparent's Day Cards

Grandparents Day Cards

The relationship between grandparent and grandchild is special, and Grandparents Day cards reveal just how impactful it can be. Bridging the generation gap, grandparents teach meaningful life lessons, share life-changing stories and show unconditional love. A carefully crafted card can help show your appreciation at this special time of year.

When Is Grandparents Day?

Grandparents Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day. It’s an annual occasion in which people honor their grandparents by appreciating the happiness, love and wisdom they add to their grandkids' lives, and cards are an excellent way to show that support. To ensure grandparents receive cards in time, work on them in late August or early September, and mail them about a week before Grandparents Day. If you can present them in person, even better!

How To Make Grandparents Day Cards

Your card should be impactful, revealing how much the relationship means to you and how much of an impact your grandparents have on your life. Rather than a generic message, each card should be tailored around the individual, what they taught you and how much you want to celebrate and thank them just for being themselves! What you want to express varies from person to person, but here are some helpful points to consider:
  • What do you love the most about your grandparents?
  • What's the most meaningful lesson(s) they taught you?
  • How have you applied it to your life?
  • What's a favorite memory you two have shared? What's an upcoming one you could share together?
  • What's the favorite story they told you? Do you have a similar story you could share?
Complete the card by including a photo demonstrating how much your grandparent means to you. Whether that's you enjoying a shared pastime, the two of you together or a portrait of the whole family, this photo should reflect the encouragement, love and support you both share. Make the moment more fun by making your smiling face the head of a flower or putting it inside a bold design. Now you've crafted a special memory that your grandparents will cherish forever.

How To Make Grandparents Day Cards Stand Out

While every Grandparents Day card should be special and unique, adding charming touches could make their day even more special. Stickers, photo magnets, small gifts, postcards and miniature art could all fit into the envelope with your card, and they let your grandparents relive your best moments and reflect on the relationship even further. Photos, in particular, give grandparents something to cherish as they watch you learn and grow, whether you’re 5 or 55. You get one day a year to show you how much you care, so make it count!

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