Custom Business Cards

If you want to leave a lasting impression, custom business cards will help your business stand apart from the crowd. Add your own logo, use a custom photo, and write a tagline to give your custom business cards a look that's unique to you. No matter what type of company you own or where you work, choosing custom business cards adds a personal touch whenever you're reaching out to make new contacts.

How To Make Business Cards

Every business card needs specific information to be effective. Make sure you include your business name, physical address, phone number, and website. For custom business cards, be sure to either upload your company logo or a custom photo to give the cards a unique, personal touch. If you have a tagline, make sure that you add it, too. A contact name and email address are also crucial to add when making your business cards. To make things more interesting, dress up your cards with custom colors or embellishments.

What Size Are Business Cards?

Most business cards are in the same or similar uniform size. The average size of business cards measures 3.5 inches long by 2 inches wide (or tall). When designing your own cards, allow for a blank area of about 1/8 inch around the border so that everything is placed perfectly in the borders of the card.

How Big Are Business Cards?

Standard business cards measure 3.5" x 2" and are designed to fit neatly in a wallet or pocket. Their compact size makes them perfect to give away and for potential clients and customers to hang onto for future reference. Think of a business card as about the same size of a driver's license or credit card, since it's specially designed to fit inside a wallet.

Where To Get Business Cards

You can design your own custom business cards online at CVS Photo and have them shipped to your door or picked up from your local CVS location. Make sure you include all of your important information as well as your company name, logo, and website.

Where To Leave Business Cards

You may leave business cards at other local businesses and ask them to display them on a bulletin board or near the front door. Many people leave business cards with others during conferences, trade shows, and meetings to build up a business network. It's also a good idea to leave business cards with people you meet casually since you never know when someone might need your products or services.

What Usually Goes On A Business Card?

With the right design, your business card can leave a lasting impression on your clients. It encourages customers to know more about your offerings or visit your site for more information. So it's crucial to understand the critical elements to add to your business cards. Here are the things you need to consider to create that eye-catching and informative business card (square).
  • Logo and Tagline - Your business cards are an extension of your company's brand. So, the first things to add to your card are your logo and tagline because they represent the identity of your business.
  • Name and Job Title - Your business card is meant to introduce yourself to those who may be interested in your products and services.
  • Contact Information - Your business cards (square) must include your contact information because it's the meat of your card. This is the bridge between you and the people who are interested in your business.
  • Website - You can also include your website on your business cards. It's great to create a page with an introductory video so that your viewers can get to know your business better. This way, you deepen your connection with your clients.
  • Skills, Products, and Services - After they know your name, title, and contact information, it's also great for them to know exactly what products and services you can offer.
  • Social Media Profiles - Allow your customers to reach you through your social media channels. Remember, if you don't have any social media presence, you hardly exist in the eyes of many of your prospective clients.

What Is The Best Place To Get Business Cards?

Business cards remain an essential part of brand identity. If your brand needs business cards (square), we've got you covered. At CVS Photo, we have a wide selection of business card templates and trending card designs, from simple and minimalistic to modern and creative.