Same Day Photo Puzzle

If your family is fond of playing games, you may be curious where you can get personalized photo puzzles. Well, look no further, because CVS offers same-day photo puzzle printing. This will surely be your favorite pastime. 

How Do I Turn A Photo Into A Puzzle?

Whether you want to turn a pet or family photo into a puzzle, CVS has got you covered. Here, you can make a 10-inch or 14-inch puzzle, or any other size you'd like. You can even add a bunch of different photos to make sure every unique moment is captured.   If you don't know anything about editing photos or how to make a collage, there's absolutely no need to fret, because you can just submit your photos at CVS, and they will take care of everything.    A puzzle makes an amazing gift to a person you love. Perhaps you want to immortalize a special moment and turn it into a puzzle, or you just want to give a person you love something to entertain themselves.   CVS offers a wide array of personalized options. You just have to pick the size of the image, as well as how many puzzle pieces you want to be included in the photo. It will also come with a sturdy black box with the reference image to make puzzle assembly simpler.    Thankfully, you don't have to spend countless hours turning your favorite photo into a same-day photo puzzle. All you need to do is submit the photo to the CVS store in your area, and they will take care of it. Designing the puzzle can also be done online if you don't want to do it in the photo kiosk at your local CVS pharmacy.  

How Long Does It Take To Make A Custom Puzzle?

Was your custom puzzle idea a last-minute gift? There's no need to worry, because CVS offers a Same-Day Photo Puzzle service. We even have an express pickup option where your item will be ready in less than three hours. Despite the fast turnaround time, you're sure that the end result is a high-quality puzzle with a glossy finish.    This is a hands-on and fun activity meant to be enjoyed by both children and adults. Depending on the level of difficulty you want, CVS can also customize your puzzle for you to include up to 252 pieces.    With the CVS same-day photo puzzle, you can rekindle all your fond memories with your family and friends.