Fancy Holiday Cards

The holidays bring out all the bells and whistles, especially Christmastime. It seems like everyone has their own unique taste when it comes to sending holiday cards. One type of card is a fancy holiday card. The word fancy means elaborate in structure or decoration. When it comes to holiday cards, fancy is simply finding the cards that make it a little bit extra beautiful or sparkly. It is a subjective term because fancy can mean something different to everyone.

Some people may send fancy holiday cards to everyone on their list, or just a few people. Have you ever wondered about the greeting cards that get sent all the time? Here are some fun facts about holiday cards:

  • Greeting cards used to be a status symbol. They were circulated among the wealthy in the Middle Ages when they were called visiting cards. They used to be a sign of popularity.
  • The first Christmas card was made in 1843 because Henry Cole had too many friends. He received stacks of cards and commissioned 1000 cards in which he only needed to fill in the name and send them out. He sold what he didn't use.
  • The first Christmas card in America was an ad for Pease general store in Albany, NY.
  • Early Christmas cards had flowers and birds on them.
  • The Hall Brothers, founders of Hallmark, invented the first folded card in the early 20th century. They came up with this to give people more room to express their thoughts and make it easier to browse through cards.
  • The single most popular Christmas card design is from 1977. It shows three angels, two praying and one looking at the reader. It has sold more than 34 million copies. Fancy Holiday Photo Cards

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