First Birthday Invitations

If you're a parent, you know how exciting it can be to reach all of those "first" milestones. One of the big ones is the first birthday. While some may think a first birthday should be simple, others like to make it a big ordeal, ordering first birthday invitations that will never be forgotten.

But what do you write on the first birthday invitations? You want to catch everyone's attention right at the beginning. Here are some ideas.

If you want to be funny, try some of these:

  • Let's toast a year of sleepless nights and immense joy! [Child's name] is turning one!
  • After a full year in the big leagues, [child's name] is hitting the big O-N-E!

Or try one of these:

  • Hip, hip hooray! Baby [child's name] turns one today!
  • We can't believe it's been a whole year, [child's name]'s 1st birthday is already here!

You don't really need a witty saying, because you can order cute first birthday invitations from CVS with your baby's picture on them and let that speak for itself!

First Birthday Invitations Ideas

Having your baby's first birthday can be a big deal. Sometimes you need help planning the big event, even if it's just getting first birthday invitation ideas.

Even if your little one won't remember the big day, you can memorialize it in pictures to show him when they're older. And those ideas can make some cute first birthday invitations:

  • Bees: A lot of people pick bees for a child's party theme. Bees are cute and they work for boys or girls. You can have an invitation that centers around hearing the "buzz" about your little one turning one.
  • Llamas: Who doesn't love llamas? These are a crowd favorite for sure. And a play on words can be used on the invite - "We're going to have a llama fun!"
  • Owls: Another cute animal with a fun play on words. "Guess whoooo's finally a year old..."