Merry Christmas Cards

Good tiding we bring... via these merry Christmas cards! Each one is as unique as you and your family, thanks to adding your beautiful, personal touches and those gorgeous (or silly!) family photos you've been taking all year. Add your own personalized merry Christmas messages, photos, and unique accents to create the perfect holiday cards this year! Just upload your photos and use the program for simple, fast, and stunning cards your whole family will love receiving!


If you're not sure what kinds of photos to use, consider these ideas:

  • Matching outfits family photos
  • Casual elegance family shots
  • The family gathered around the Christmas tree
  • Pics from your family vacation this year
  • Your favorite family pet photo(s)
  • A collage of best moments caught on camera this year
  • Special memories from the year (think birthday parties, new haircuts, the first day of school, weddings, new babies, and more)
  • Silly family portraits loaded with visual puns or funny props
  • Holiday sweater party!
  • Individual portraits of each family member (or couple)


Once you've chosen the right photos, it's important to create the right merry Christmas message. If you have a favorite quote for the season, timely Bible verse, or a greeting you've always cherished, this is the time and place.


Additionally, use these tips to make sending Christmas cards a little easier and more enjoyable this holiday season.

  • When making your Christmas card list, decide ahead of time how many cards you want to make and send out. This can save time, effort, and money - making the season just a little easier.
  • As you choose your recipients, think through who might most appreciate the latest family portrait (or funny photo). Is there anyone who might especially be blessed with a personalized message from you and your family?
  • Are there any older folks in your life who don't use the internet for communication? They might particularly enjoy receiving a lovely, personalized Christmas card from you this season.
  • Who's impacted your life the most this year? Would any of these folks appreciate a printed card with your family photos?
  • Cut folks from the list who you're not really close to anymore. You are allowed to save yourself the time and energy!
  • Don't feel obligated to send a card in response to a card you received. If someone sends one to you, you can simply reply with a simple thanks.

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