Custom Thank You Cards

Show your appreciation with a custom thank you card from CVS Photo. A personalized thank you card lets you create the ideal memento for a friend, a partner, an employer or a colleague.

How to Write a Thank You Card

Thank you cards are easy to write and show the people in your life just how much they mean to you, but you might be unsure where to begin. A friendly greeting is a great way to open, and you can tailor this greeting to the specific relationship you have with the recipient. If the card is for a colleague, employer or employee, it's usually best to keep it simple and professional. If it's to thank a teacher or professor during your graduation, a photo of yourself holding or receiving your qualification may be a nice touch. For a family member or friend, you may prefer to greet them with an inside joke to break the ice. You could also include a photo of the two of you together to personalize the card. Try to tailor the design of your card to the recipient's interests and personality, and you'll be sure to make a good impression.

What to Write in a Thank You Card

After you've settled on a design, greeting and whether you want to include a personalized photo, it's time to write the thank you message. Start by thanking the person directly for what they did. If the card is for an event such as a wedding or birthday, thank them for attending or inviting you. You can leave it simple like this, or choose to go on and explain how the recipient has helped you or what it means to you. Mentioning specific details here may help let the person know you're thinking of them for a card and be a message they'll truly cherish.

When to Send Thank You Cards

The decision of when to send a thank you card is very personal and depends a lot on the situation and your relationship with the recipient. In general, formal events such as weddings, graduations and baby showers may warrant a card, and it can let you thank the host for inviting you or your guests for attending and thinking of you through the milestones in your life. Consider pairing your heartfelt card with another customized photo gift, such as a calendar or custom mug to really make it something to remember.

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