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myWeekly Ad® Shopping List

Linking your ExtraCare® card to cue up previous purchases

Your purchase history is tied to your ExtraCare® card. Linking your card to your® account enables us to display your history. From there, you can add previously purchased products to your in-store shopping list.

Saving your in-store shopping list

myWeekly Ad® will save the in-store shopping lists of customers signed in to® accounts linked to ExtraCare® cards. Registered users also have the ability to print and email their in-store shopping list to make their in-store experience easier.

Most Popular Questions

Deals on Things You Buy highlights current sales on products you purchase frequently. We use the purchase history tied to your ExtraCare® card to understand what you purchase and, in turn, what you might want to save on.

Yes. Your personal version of myWeekly Ad® is based on your purchase history, and it's organized so you can easily find  and save more on the things you actually use.

Every week. Visit the site before every in-store shopping trip to get the most savings. And subscribe to email notifications to find out when new offers are available.