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Changing nothing can change everything

Your mental health and self-image matter. The Beauty Mark is our pledge to promote confidence and present realistic beauty in our beauty imagery with 100% transparency.

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An animated GIF of the same female model showing altered/unaltered beauty images; one featuring the CVS Beauty Unaltered logo and the other featuring the Digitally Altered logo.

Celebrating 5 years of Beauty Unaltered®

Our ongoing commitment

Five years ago, we made a pledge to change the way beauty is represented in our digital imagery. Today, we remain committed to 100% transparency in labeling our beauty images, so we can pass on a healthier self-image and social media landscape to the next generation.

An ethnically diverse trio of young women pose for a picture taken by the woman in the middle.

Our promise to you

A promise to represent beauty as it truly is — real and unaltered. It’s our commitment to you.

A woman wearing a hijab lies on a bed while looking at the camera.

Making our mark

Our Beauty Mark appears on photos of models that have not been thinned, smoothed or digitally altered.

Beauty Unaltered logo.

Striving for change

We are striving for social change and leading a movement to change the industry, and we’ve asked our partner brands to join us.

 Cosmetics aisle in a CVS store.

Mental health services

Having a healthy self-image is important, especially in the digital age. We are committed to 100% transparency in our beauty imagery and being an ally to those struggling with mental health issues.

The CVS heart shaped logo containing an image of a young woman talking with her therapist in a medical office.

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Thank you to our leading partners for their commitment

  • *FOR SOCIAL MEDIA STATISTIC: Above survey results are from 2020 research by professor of Social and Cultural Analysis Dr. Rosalind Gill, PhD, among women ages 18 – 30.

  • *FOR TRANSPARENCY IN BEAUTY AND COMPARISON ONLINE STATISTICS: Above survey results are from 2021 research by media psychologist Dr. Pamela Rutledge, PhD, among women ages 18 to 35. The survey was conducted by CVS Health® through The Harris Poll.