Beauty Mark

Changing nothing can change everything.

The Beauty Mark is our pledge to pass a healthy self-image on to the next generation.

We made a promise.

A promise to always represent beauty as it truly is — real and unaltered. It's our commitment to you.

We made a mark.

Our Beauty Mark appears on photos of models that have not been thinned, smoothed or digitally altered.

We made a change.

We're taking part in a movement to change the industry, and we've asked our partner brands to join us.

Now is the time to look at beauty through a mental health lens.

Culture is changing and valuing authenticity more. That is why we are helping set a new standard of beauty, one that is real and transparent.

Two images of the same model. The first image is an example of beauty unaltered and natural In the second image, she is digitally altered

Join the movement.

Share your unaltered selfie and support the #BeautyUnaltered movement.

Make a statement.

We teamed up with celebrity influencers Erin & Sara Foster to create a limited-edition T-shirt inspired by #BeautyUnaltered Limited quantities of t-shirt available.. 100% of proceeds will benefit our partner, Girls Inc., in their mission to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold.

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White t-shirt that reads: sans retouching with the Beauty Mark heart logo designed by girls inc. Limited Quantity

Thank you to our leading partners for their commitment:

Cover girl
Aveeno, active naturals
Maybelline New York
Rimmel London
Burt's Bees
L'Oreal Paris