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Average Customer Rating for 1545 North Meridian, Indianapolis IN, 46202: 4.5 (26 Ratings)
November 22, 2022
"I cant say enough good things about the NP ([...]) who administered care. She had ''all of the Ps'' going for her -- Professional, Positive and Personable. Shes an asset to CVS - and while I (somewhat) dreaded coming in for the latest COVID vaccine, she turned the experience into a good and memorable one. Thank you!"
September 21, 2022
"We had very efficient care. My son got his 3rd COVID vaccine and we were in and out in minutes with no tears. "
September 14, 2022
"Practitioner (I think?) was wonderful. She was helpful and efficient, definitely would love to see her again. Pharmacy was moving slow though so I did opt to go elsewhere to fill my script."
June 29, 2022
"The nurse practitioner that saw me was incredible. She was understanding and listened to all of my needs. When I explained to her what help I was seeking, she immediately responded- without making me feel nervous or confused. Her language when speaking to me was well thought and she took the time to go into detail when explaining the process of my visit. I was nervous and she was able to calm my nerves. It was a positive experience."
June 12, 2022
"They were very caring and friendly"
Average Customer Rating for 5925 East 71st Street, Indianapolis IN, 46220: 2.9 (36 Ratings)
November 16, 2022
"Very informative and nice."
November 14, 2022
"Staff were excellent, professional, friendly, and efficient."
November 9, 2022
"This clinic was well organized. Made signing in easy and convenient. The provider was friendly, engaged and professional. I could not have been more satisfied (and I work at a health system)"
November 8, 2022
"This is my favorite CVS minute clinic. Theyre so nice and helpful and so kind. They always provide the best care.."
October 29, 2022
"It was a clean environment and the NP was very knowledgeable and professional with regard to my care."
Average Customer Rating for 2320 Cunningham Road, Indianapolis IN, 46224: 2.6 (18 Ratings)
January 6, 2023
I had too wait like 20 minutes to be told that she wasn’t going to give me a COVID-19 test it wasn’t because my Insurance or anything she said I am passed the 10 days so the doctor literally refused to give me a COVID-19 test when I scheduled my appointment and everything just as a normal person would. She was very rude wouldn’t not recommend to come to this clinic at all!!! And I mean at all!! Go to any other urgent care or emergency if you can but under all circumstances don’t come to this clinic!!!!
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September 16, 2022
"[...] was very thorough and told me a lot about my meds that I had no idea about"
June 17, 2022
"I have a severe fear of needles and expressed that fear to the provider, she took such care and exuded such patience and gentleness, that I practically didnt even know I was poked. She was AWESOME!"
June 12, 2022
"The lady was very polite, curtious and helpful"
Average Customer Rating for 1375 West 86th Street, Indianapolis IN, 46260: 4.7 (25 Ratings)
October 19, 2022
"very professional"
August 31, 2022
"Everything was perfect! I love minute clinic especially the Practitioner who served us."
August 24, 2022
"I honestly wish I could use this Minute Clinic (and [...]) as my primary NP. She listened to my concerns, and I left feeling like I had been really well taken care of. "
June 21, 2022
"The NP was fantastic in all aspects of her job. The only thing that I would change is the kiosk appointment process. Thought it was very time consuming."
June 18, 2022
"setting was encouraging NP was efficient and responsive."