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Clinic Reviews in Petersburg

Average Customer Rating for 221 East Hundred Road, Chester VA, 23836: 4.4 (35 Ratings)
November 8, 2022
"Great service, great work."
November 8, 2022
"I appreciated the attention and care of the staff during my visit"
November 2, 2022
"Great experience."
October 31, 2022
"The convenience of the clinic and service provided was excellent. Staff was prompt and professional. "
October 23, 2022
"The Minute Clinic is a great addition to the CVS store. I will certainly consider visiting again for my covid booster as well as other things. Nurse was great. Very personable,and professional. "
Average Customer Rating for 13800 Hull Street Road, Midlothian VA, 23112: 4.2 (68 Ratings)
January 10, 2023
We are so grateful to have e cell entertainment and respectful care from a caring, experienced professional especially during the resurgence of COVID. Our clinician was excellent. Highly recommended.
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November 29, 2022
"Easy to schedule, informative and friendly NP. Tests done efficiently, all notes sent to me. "
November 11, 2022
"Very professional services."
November 7, 2022
"I thought the nurse practitioner on shift was fantastic. She was knowledgeable and was able to get me in when there was a break in patients. I appreciate her hard work. "
October 31, 2022
"I have used this location for several years and always have a positive experience. I highly recommend this Minute Clinic."
Average Customer Rating for 3514 West Cary Street, Richmond VA, 23221: 4.6 (35 Ratings)
December 1, 2022
"The healthcare provided at this clinic was wonderful. Kind and professional. All my questions were answered. Very thorough and my problem resolved. I am very grateful and hope that the MinuteClinic continues to thrive and continues to employ such talented people."
November 22, 2022
"[...] is vry knowledgeable and patient friendly. She took care of every aspect of my visit."
October 22, 2022
"Loved the practitioner, very knowledgeable and excellent bedside manner."
October 18, 2022
"I have had great experiences at Minute Clinics in the past. It was my first time at this clinic and it felt a bit unorganized. I waited 45 minutes after my appointment time to actually be seen, and the woman I worked with was not very kind. I could tell she was stressed, but I felt more like a burgeon than a patient. She cut me off frequently when I tried to explain things or responded rudely when I tried to voice some of my concerns and made me feel dumb. I like going to the Minute Clinic because it is convenient, but will likely try a different location next time. "
September 30, 2022
"She was excellent. We got all three covid shots for our toddler with her and couldnt have been happier. Thank you."
Average Customer Rating for 13180 Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian VA, 23113: 2.9 (33 Ratings)
November 29, 2022
"None at this time,experience was A Ok "
November 3, 2022
"Absolutely remarkable!!!! Informative, kind and understanding "
October 28, 2022
"These folks are over worked and under appreciated. We were very grateful for her insight and advise."
October 22, 2022
"Very impressed with the FNP. "
October 22, 2022
"I like MinuteClinic. The concept is great. The facility is clean and open. The staff has good credentials. Staff is friendly and professional. I also like the $5 coupon after getting my flu vaccine every year."

CVS Walk-In Clinics near Petersburg, Virginia

MinuteClinics® in Petersburg

It's easy to find a Petersburg walk-in clinic. There are 1 MinuteClinics® in the area, so you never have to travel far to get examined. Whether you are in the heart of downtown, out in the suburbs, living on campus at Virginia State University, or living on-base at Fort Lee, safe, in-person care is nearby.Our MinuteClinics® near Petersburg help you recover from minor injuries like splinters and bug bites and minor illnesses such as ear infections and styes. Schedule an appointment at the clinic, or if you're not feeling well enough to come to the clinic, telehealth appointments are an option. Convenient and less expensive than a trip to Urgent Care in Petersburg or a stay at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Petersburg, MinuteClinic® is committed to keeping you in good health.

Petersburg Walk-in Clinics

Hiking around Spring Gardens or Petersburg National Battlefield is something the people of Petersburg love to do, but adventuring can lead to injuries, from unpleasant rashes to bug bites. A CVS walk-in clinic near Petersburg, Virginia helps you recover from such injuries and get you back to enjoying the city.There is more to health and wellness than simply recovering from minor injuries and illnesses. Our Petersburg walk-in clinics provide immunizations, physicals, wellness checks, and more.

Services at MinuteClinics® in Petersburg

Stop in or book an appointment at a MinuteClinic® and take advantage of these services:

  • Get examined if you are showing symptoms of diseases such as diarrhea, gout, heartburn, and more. A MinuteClinic® practitioner can diagnose your illness and help develop a treatment plan.
  • If you suffer a minor injury, MinuteClinic® can help. We provide wound treatment, tick bite treatment, splinter removal, suture removal, and more to help you feel better.
  • Find out your important numbers, such as BMI and blood pressure. Screen for and get help with chronic conditions with diabetes screening, high cholesterol treatment, A1C test, and other tests.
  • Find ways to help soothe itchy, dry skin, and other minor skin issues, such as scabies treatment, impetigo treatment, wart treatment, and more by visiting a Petersburg clinic.
  • Set up a pre-travel consultation for help finding out what you need to do before leaving for your trip, depending on your itinerary. Learn about motion sickness prevention, typhoid prevention, zika treatment, and other challenges you may face when you travel overseas.
  • Find help fighting off illness with immunizations at CVS. We offer the vitamin B12 injection, Tdap vaccine, and tetanus vaccine, and many other shots for adults and children.
  • Get help improving your well-being and getting ready for sports leagues, jobs, and college with ear wax removal, immunity testing, sports physicals, mental health counseling, and more.
  • A MinuteClinic® in Petersburg can assist you in getting valuable women's services including yeast infection treatment, human papillomavirus treatment, gonorrhea treatment, and more, for times when you can't make it to your primary care physician or OB/GYN.

A Petersburg clinic is right around the corner to help satisfy your healthcare needs. Go to one of our 1 MinuteClinic® locations in the area to receive the attention you deserve.

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