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Clinic Reviews in Bothell

Average Customer Rating for 10712 SE CARR ROAD, RENTON WA, 98055: 1 (2 Ratings)
December 20, 2023
I would rather just go to my PCP.
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May 25, 2023
They did not care that their system had cancelled me out twice in the same day, would not apologize and didn't seem to care of my situation. I told them I was from out of town, my son was sick and I had driven an hour both times to get to this clinic. They never tried to work me in even though no one was there waiting behind me. They never seemed to care that I had problems with their system, just told me " you can reschedule tomorrow." But after trying to twice I wasn't going to risk trying it again, not with these people. They need a course in Customer Service.
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Average Customer Rating for 33520 21ST AVE. SW, FEDERAL WAY WA, 98023: 2.7 (3 Ratings)
January 9, 2024
This is a fine clinic
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CVS Walk-In Clinics near Bothell, Washington

Bothell MinuteClinics®

Finding a walk-in clinic in Bothell is easy. There are MinuteClinics® near the city, so you don't have to go far to get medical attention. Whether you're taking classes at University Of Washington-Bothell Campus, in the center of the city, or out in the suburbs, safe, in-person care is nearby.If you have a minor illness like a stye or an ear infection, or a minor injury like a bug bite or splinter, MinuteClinic® can help you feel better. You receive professional assistance at a lower cost than going to Urgent Care in Bothell or a visit to Pacific Medical Centers - Canyon Park. When you're not feeling well enough to come in, but are seeking professional attention, you can schedule a telehealth visit.

Bothell Clinics

Exploring The Barshows: Play With Lights is something the people of Bothell are known to do, but these activities can lead to injuries, from unpleasant blisters to ticks. A CVS walk-in clinic near Bothell, Washington helps you recover from minor injuries and get you back to rooting for the home team at Pop Keeney Stadium.Along with helping you care for minor injuries and illnesses, a Bothell walk-in clinic gives you convenient access to wellness checks, physicals, immunizations, and much more.

Services at MinuteClinics® in Bothell

There are many health services offered at a MinuteClinic® in the Bothell area, such as:

  • Get checked for symptoms of diseases such as ear infection, sinus infection, gout, and more. A MinuteClinic® practitioner can provide a diagnosis and help develop a treatment plan.
  • Get help healing with treatment for minor injuries such as minor burn treatment, sprain treatment, staple removal, sting treatment, and more.
  • Get tests to find out vital health numbers, such as blood pressure and BMI. Find help mitigating chronic conditions by receiving asthma monitoring, high cholesterol treatment, high blood pressure treatment, and other tests.
  • Visit a Bothell clinic for help with dry, itchy skin as well as ringworm treatment, acne treatment, wart treatment, and a variety of other minor skin conditions.
  • Receive a pre-travel consultation to help find out what you need to prepare for your trip, depending on where you are traveling. Learn about typhoid treatment, malaria treatment, traveler's diarrhea prevention, and other challenges you may face when traveling internationally.
  • CVS is where you can go for a variety of inoculations for the entire family—from adults to children. Sought-after shots including the HPV shot, diphtheria vaccine, and tetanus vaccine are readily available.
  • Get help improving your health and preparing for jobs, college, and sports leagues with ear wax removal, COVID-19 antibody testing, college physicals, mental health counseling, and more.
  • When you are unable to make it to your primary care physician or OB/GYN, a MinuteClinic® in Bothell is here to help. Access essential women's services such as pelvic exams, bladder infection treatment, gonorrhea treatment, and more.

A Bothell clinic is right around the corner to help meet your healthcare demands. Go to one of the MinuteClinic® locations in the area to get the care you need.