If you want to create a natural look or rustic vibe in your home, wood can easily be incorporated into any style décor. When it comes to making a creative impact in your favorite spaces, a beautiful wood palett print is the perfect solution. These sturdy prints feature several planks of wood with a farmhouse-inspired, whitewash finish that gives them a weathered look. Hang them in any room to create a classic rustic aesthetic. Read on to learn more about how to choose the perfect wood palett print for your home. 

Choose a Wood Pallet Size

When you're looking for a custom rustic wood palett print, make sure it's the right size for the room. Anything that's too small will look uneven, and anything that is too large can overtake the space and feel much too overbearing. Measure the room that you want to display your wood print in to get a better idea of which size you should choose when you order your favorite design. If you're planning to hang the print as a focal point, go larger. For accent pieces or as part of a larger gallery wall, you can choose something that's a bit smaller in size.

Pick Your Wood Pallet Design

As you browse the many available designs for your wood print, you can select anything from nature and animal themes to something that's completely customizable. A rustic theme could be anything from greenery or flowers to farm animals. Upload your favorite photo to create a personalized wood print for your home. You can choose anything you like whether it's a picture from a special occasion, a family gathering, or a huge milestone in your life like a wedding or graduation. These customized prints are a fabulous gift you can give to others, too. If you prefer to make something more understated, customize your print with your family initial or some simple lettering.

Wall Décor Tips

After you've chosen your desired size and design, it's time to display your new rustic wood palett print. You can hang a large print over your fireplace mantel to create a beautiful focal point and a conversation starter. Add a smaller print to your gallery wall to give it a touch of personal style and unique personality. Display wood prints in a dining room, living area, or bedroom to give any space a special, personalized touch. Make sure your theme includes colors that will match your current décor for a nice, cohesive look. Wood is an excellent way to add texture to your home, and it's the perfect choice if you're looking for something to complement your rustic theme.

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